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Biz Addrbook Manual  [ Japanese ]


Edit recipients

When you set the recipients of the mail and press the "Set" button on the "Mail" tab, the mail form is displayed with the destination recipients set.
The Biz address book is closed with the display of the mail form.

Destination setting to To/Cc/Bcc

If you double-click with the selected contacts selected, the selected address is set in the currently set column.
"the currently set" is highlighted by the destination recipients button.

In the figure, the Cc part is highlighted.

With the list display unselected, pressing the destination button displays the address entry screen directly, and you can enter a mail address that is not registered in the address book.

You can set recipients from address book window, in addition to double click, press the destination button while selecting, move to the destination field by dragging the selection with the mouse, or hold down the [Alt] key and press the [T], [C ], [B] key.

When the destination is set, currently set button is changed to the set position.