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Biz Addrbook Manual  [ Japanese ]


Known problems

Setting recipients to inline response mail is slow.

In inline response window, there have time to set recipients.
We Investigated about this problem, but there are no answer for it now.

Part of display name is not displayed

A part of the display name of the address book set as the destination may not be displayed all when setting it in the mail.
This problem caused by Outlook API.

Outlook can't quit when displayed some forms

Sometimes after dislpayed some forms - especially Outlook address propery forms -, Outlook don't close by exit menu.
Please disable Biz Addrbook addin on these situation by Outlook [File]-[Options]-[Add-Ins] menu, and check off "Layered address book for Microsoft Office Outlook" by pushed [Manage]-[COM Add-ins]-[Go] button.

We are sorry please turn on this check box when you start Outlook next.

We continue to investgate this problem.