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Biz Addrbook Manual  [ Japanese ]


Automatic updator

If a newer version extits of this addin, update that automatically.

Confirm automatically messages

If the newer version exists on the server, you will see the following confirmation message immediately after starting Outlook.

Select "Yes" if you want to update the add-in, otherwise select "No".
If you select "No", the same message will appear again when Outlook is launched after 10 days.

Execute installer

The latest version of the installer will be downloaded to your Downloads folder and automatically launched.
See the Help "Install" page for the actual installation functionality.
If you interrupt the installation, you will find a newer version of the installer in your Downloads folder that you can run to install when you quit Outlook.
* If a file with the same name already exists in the "Downloads" folder, the file will be replaced.

After successful installation, you will see the following message:

How to stop automatically version check

If you do not want to inquire about regular version upgrades, you can control it with "Set periodic version check" in "Other settings".

Please set the check box of "Automatic periodic check new version exists".

Check newer version exists manually

There is a "Check version" button on the display screen of "About add-ins" in the ribbon menu.

When you press the "Check version" button, an inquiry message will be displayed.

If you press "Yes", you can install it after checking if there is a new version.
If the add-in is the latest version, a message will be displayed.