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Biz Addrbook Manual  [ Japanese ]


Install this addin software

Execute downloaded installer file to install this addin.
Before install, you should close the Outlook application.
Push [YES] button when window views the UAC(User Account Control) warning.

Dependancy components

This software depends other softwares,

1.Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 or over
2.Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime

If there is no installed dependency components, Installer starts to install these components.
These component installers are downloaded from Microsoft Corporation, so you must connect youe computer to the Internet.

You should agree on the License Agreement Dialog view.
There is need several minutes starting installer.

Install Bis Addrbook addin

You should agree on the License Agreement of this addin dialog view.
Please read this document.

Push [Next] buttons, to finish the installation.

Install finished.
We are sorry the [Show the readme file] is Japanese only.

Silent Installation

The silent installation is for to install from shared file server.
The silent installation need no key stroke to install this addin.
To do install silently, run th Command Prompt as Administrator.

execute downloaded 'BizAddrbookInstaller.exe' with these parameters.

[Downloaded folder]/BizAddrbookInstaller.exe[space]/s[space]/v"/qn"

The installer process will be finished soon.
But inner process are still runnning, so please wait a while to run your Outlook.