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Biz Addrbook Manual  [ Japanese ]

Biz アドレス帳

Layered address book

The biggest feature of Biz Addrbook is the hierarchical tree view address book.

By managing organizations and groups using contact information of Outlook by using the folder hierarchy, you can freely operate checking and selecting mail recipients.

You will be able to operate in using Ribbon UI which is standardly used in Office, supports drag & drop with keyboard accelerator and mouse, creates and edits folders, moves and edits contacts visually without incongruity.

Ribbon menu

There is added a "Biz Addrbook" Group and "Address book" button on the "Home" tab on your Outlook.
Biz Addrbook form will show on clicked this button.

You can see this "Addrbook" button on "Calender" or "Tasks" home tab.

When "Biz Address Book" is opened in the form of e-mail or meeting notice, it becomes "address editing mode" and it is displayed in a state limited to the function to set the destination of e-mail.
In "Destination Edit Mode", you can not move or edit folders and contacts.

In the "Biz Address Book" displayed from the meeting holding notification form, the recipients titles is changed.


Display behavior

"Biz address book" displayed from the home tab of Outlook is modeless window, and you can perform other operations of Outlook while staying displayed.

"Biz Address Book" displayed from e-mail and meeting notice is modal window, you can not perform other operations of Outlook until you set recipients and close it.


Edit list view columns

The display titles of the list displayed in the right pane of "Biz Address Book" can be freely selected according to the usage purpose.

Please refer to the "Edit columns" page.


The "Edit columns" function is on a the Professional license. It can not be selected with the Personal license.