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Biz Addrbook Manual  [ Japanese ]


Trouble shooting


To use 64bit Office Outlook

Microsoft(R) Office Outlook has versions 32bit and 64bit, without Windows 32/64 bit.

We offer this addin for 64bit Outlook.

Please obtain the product from this link.

  1. Download Biz Addrbook for 64bit Outlook
  2. Application for license

Maintenance page after obtaining license is also different.

  1. User management page
  2. Computer management page

Product features and help are equivalent to 32bit version.


32bit Outlook版の製品と 64bit版の製品は、機能的には同一ですが製品として異なっていますので、同一のアクティベーションコードを適用することはできませんのでご注意ください。